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Sectors Specilization

FINPRO works with all types of clients including (but not limited to) sole proprietary concerns, partnership firms and limited liability companies. The company’s extensive experience makes it a preferred choice amongst companies spanning a continuously expanding variety of business sectors.

The company is known for working quickly, closely and effectively to customize service offerings so that the needs, nature and requirements of clients are met effectively - through continuing cooperation and the development of a transparent working partnership.

Food & Beverages

Services are tailored to the special needs of this sector, giving clients increased control over their operations and enabling higher levels of business efficiency.

Logistics & Distribution

The increasingly competitive nature of the logistics and distribution industry is served perfectly through the diverse and comprehensive set of services offered at FINPRO.

Information Technology

The rapidly evolving dynamics of the IT industry are recognized and incorporated at all levels - giving clients the confidence they need to focus on business development.

Retail & Consumer Goods

FINPRO's services and processes are designed to consider the consumer-centric nature and intricate details that are characteristics to the retail and consumer goods industry.

Automotive & Loose Tools

Heavy industries are generally subjected to a large range of regulatory requirements that demand attention and the presence of a well-tailored financial reporting process.

Facilities & Management Services

The Facilities & Management services industry in the UAE is diverse and dynamic, requiring a well-structured financial set of protocols to enable smooth operations.

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